Millar, Erin. "How Do I Choose the Right Program for Me?" May 22, 2007. (Accessed November 23, 2015).

This article summarized Macleans`s interview with Kate Ross, registrar and senior director of student enrolment at Simon Fraser University, regarding how students should choose their university/college program. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth guide for high school students on the optimal way to choose a university program. In this article, Kate Ross not only talked about the general information about choosing a program, she also goes above and beyond by shedding some light on the relationship between undergraduate and post graduate education.

This article really helped me because it allowed me to understand some of the key factors that goes into a student's mind when choosing a program. I also learned that instead of being influenced by the others all the time, sometimes I should make my own decision.

"University of Toronto Mississauga." Choosing the Right Path. (Accessed December 9, 2015.)

This website summarized some of the basic information and tips for students who are applying for post-secondary education. It covers most of the requirements for different programs, these include commerce, engineering, science … etc.

This article is important because it is a general guideline for students to find the right program for them. It not only give out general tips, but also provides an in depth analysis for each different programs. It is a very helpful guide for students who are interested to attend post secondary education.

Z. Hereford. "5 Tips For Living a Well Balanced Life." 5 Tips For Living a Well Balanced Life. (Accessed December 9, 2015).

This website covers all the tips for people to maintain balance in their life. There are 5 main tips in this website, have a positive attitude, expected the unexpected, have clear mindset, know your priorities, and take good care of yourself.

This website is significant because the tips that are on this website are very helpful tips. It also gives out detailed explanations on every tip it has in case someone is curious about the tips.


Jasmin Tanjeloff. "How to Create a Balanced Life: 9 Tips to Feel Calm and Grounded." Tiny Buddha. February 2, 2011. (Accessed December 9, 2015).

This website covers the nine steps that to achieve balance between work and life. The author listed some the factors that causes stress and the unbalance in life. The author also explains how to achieve balance in life by talking about the internal and external things in our life.

This website is important because it gives out in depth tips on how to achieve balance in life. Not only did the author listed the nine tips on how to get our lives aligned. The author also gave detailed analysis on why it is difficult for people to maintain balance in life.

Susan Johnston. "10 Winning Ways to Land the Job You Want." 10 Ways to Land a Job and Advance Your Career. (Accessed December 9, 2015).

This website talks about some of the steps that people can do in order to improve their chances on landing the job they want. These steps include, polish your resume and cover letter, dress well, and many more. These steps seem to be the most important tips to people who wants to get a job.

This article is important because it gives out tips that are useful to everyone. The author also gave a detailed explanation on every tip in the article. He not only gave out the most general tips, but also listed unorthodox method to increase your chance to land the job.

Chrissy Scivicque. "7 Steps to Break Into a New Career With No Experience." US News RSS. September 27, 2012. (Accessed December 9, 2015).

This article talks about the seven steps in order to increase your chances to enter the career of your choice. The seven steps include, stellar grades, excellent extra-curricular record, good connections, and many more. These steps are the most effective for people who are trying to get their first job.

This article is significant because these seven tips are very useful to me. This is simply because I am currently a university student, and I am planning to get a job after university. As a result, any tips for people who just got of college are useful to me as it helps better prepare my future.

Corriea, Alexa Ray. "How to achieve long term goals by changing how we think about short ones." Polygon. Last modified April 23, 2014. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This article covers some advice that can help people better prepare for their long term goals. The author explains that in order to plan for the long term goals, people should treat them like they are short term goals. So we can modify the plan as time goes by.

This is an important article because it takes on a different perspective about how to plan for long term objectives. And I believe the author’s perspective on this matter makes a lot of sense. In order to execute or achieve an objective, you should be working your hardest towards those objectives.

Arina Nikitna. "Long Term Goals: How To Create And Achieve Your Long Term Goal." Goal Setting Guide. Accessed December 9, 2015.

This article summarizes some basic tips for people who are have long term goals or objectives. The author also talks about the advantages on setting long term objectives. She also discusses the fact that once people set a long term goal, our subconscious will never forget it.

This article is significant because it provides great information regarding long term goals. The author not only just listed the steps on how to achieve long term goals, she goes above and beyond by talking about why we should set long term goals. I am honestly inspired by this article as I currently don’t have any long term goals. This article helped me realize that in order to be successful in life, the fastest way to do that is to set my own long term goals.