<p> Eric, Wallner. "How to Achieve Work Life Balance." How to Achieve Work Life Balance. July 4, 2013. Accessed November 23, 2015. </p>

<p>   This presentation was created by a student named Wallner Marc Eric and his slideshow was inspired by a TED speaker named Nigel Marsh. The main focus of this presentation is to inform individuals about how to achieve work/life balance. It can be achieved by exercising regularly, meeting new people, spending time with loved ones, take breaks for yourself, treat yourself every once in a while and adopting a healthy diet. Together all of these activities will lead to a work/life balance.

This source is important to me because throughout life people tend to lose sight of what makes them happy and continue to work at something they dislike. This presentation can educate an individual on how to find this balance in order to maintain a healthy life style. Furthermore, this presentation is very clear and easy to understand. I found this source valuable because I tend to get stressed out and bogged down by school work. This helped me understand that I personally need to find this balance in order to maintain good health. I strongly agree with activities that Wallner stated in order for work life balance to be achieved.