<p> Deehas, Josh. “10 things I wish I’d known in my first year of University.” <hi rend="italics">Maclean’s </hi>

              September 2013. (Accessed November 23rd, 2015). </p>


<l> This article is key because it gives a simple, yet explanatory list of what graduates feel would have been helpful to know to succeed and have a full life in University. It gives a balance of work versus school, and the importance of having a well-rounded 

life as a young person as well. The main point of the article is to give people an updated list of what University information experienced persons believe is key information to succeed at University in all aspects available. The main idea that it looks upon is  how to essentially live a well balanced life in the education realm.

This article is very useful because it's in list form, making it easy to read, but it also expands on each point enough for there to be a solid amount of information on each tip in the list. </l> </p>